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7 Common Types of Commercial Construction Projects

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

In 2018, commercial construction projects totalled $89 billion, which was up two percent in the previous year. It goes without saying that certain commercial construction projects add value to cities and communities.

They also provide pleasurable attractions for people to visit and interact with. While thousands of commercial construction projects take place every year, these projects can vary.

Schools, grocery stores, and restaurants are all tremendously different commercial construction projects. They have different requirements, timetables, and deliverables to consider.

If you plan to start a new construction project, you should strive to know as much as you can about other common projects in the United States. Below are seven common types of commercial construction projects.

1. Retail & Grocery Stores

There are millions of grocery and retail stores across the country. These stores serve countless people every day. As such, these stores must be designed to facilitate bustling customers who come and go.

Retail stores are also supposed to be visually appealing to attract incoming customers. In fact, modern research proves that new-age grocery store designs are increasing more revenue dollars.

Consumers expect retail stores to have elegant designs set in the twenty-first century. The more attractive a store looks, the more impact it can have on attracting and retaining new customers.

If you are starting a new project, make sure your design is both fluid and elegant for your audience.

2. Restaurants

A restaurant's principle design is normally based on guidelines set forth by its franchise. These franchises will hire an architect to create a new restaurant design every few years.

Then, they'll hire a construction company to finish the design. Restaurant owners, that don't belong to a franchise, will usually rent their own spaces. If they do plan to create their own design, then there are some factors to consider, such as:

  • Appearance — How will your restaurant capture the attention of your target audience, especially from afar.

  • Utility — Will the inside of your restaurant best serve your potential customers?

  • Uniqueness — No restaurant looks the same; how will yours look different from a competitor?

Restaurants are supposed to feature elegant designs while allowing patrons to move freely inside.

3. Lodging Facilities

Motels and hotels make up this category. As you may know, both of these businesses have very different designs. Motels are usually very basic, offering people a simple place to rest alongside a busy road.

On the other hand, hotels provide more elegant designs. Nonetheless, both structures should provide people with what they expect. That is simply to enjoy peace and quiet while getting a good night's rest.

For this reason, both hotels and motels need to be comforting and offer a wow factor to guests. This is why many famous hotels, such as the Beverly Hills and Grant Hotel, offer a relaxing and grandiose setting for their guests.

4. Office Buildings

Office buildings can serve a variety of different purposes. Some of these buildings can serve as headquarters for a major corporation or a small firm. There is also the consideration of the office building serving multiple occupants or one single business.

As you can imagine, office builders are multipurpose by nature. Businesses that plan to occupy an office building with other tenants, may choose a cookie-cutter design. Other companies may want a more elaborate design, especially if the building is for their own purpose.

Office buildings need to be both versatile, secure, and safe.

5. Industrial Buildings

While some corporate businesses need office buildings as their headquarters, other companies need a place to store their machinery and equipment. As such, industrial buildings are important for storing these necessary machines.

Unlike office buildings, industrial buildings aren't usually stylish and accommodating. They're created to store industrial equipment and manage everyday working operations.

This means that industrial buildings must be designed to allow for efficient workflows. They also must be structured to keep workers safe. Industrial buildings are traditionally designed using a steel framework.

Made from galvanized steel, industrial buildings are meant to be sturdy and reliable. That doesn't mean that modern industrial architecture is following this trend. From the Tesla factory in Freemont to the Dockland Building in Germany, industrial buildings are becoming more elegant.

This trend helps industrial buildings become more visually appealing. This helps industrial centers become a popular addition in suburban communities.

6. Medical Facilities

Medical facilities are designed to accommodate countless people every day. Many of these people have life-threatening injuries that need to be tended to immediately. A poorly designed hospital can worsen the lives of its patients.

This is why medical facilities must be designed to properly facilitate both patients and doctors. They must also store important medical equipment for urgent use. All members of society will use a hospital.

This means that hospitals must be accessible for all kinds of people.

7. Athletic Structures

If you tour a major city, it won't be difficult to find a gym or stadium. These buildings must be constructed to accommodate large numbers of people. Stadiums, on the other hand, need to also be safe for everyone who attends.

For example, a basketball stadium can seat thousands of people in bleachers near the ceiling of the building. These seats need to be heavily reinforced to make sure that people don't accidentally fall from the ceiling.

Also, stadiums need to provide protection to athletes from fans. Investors behind professional sports teams are heavily focused on keeping their players safe. As such, stadiums feature the first line of defense for players, coaches, and referees.

Need Help With Construction?

Ultimately, there are many different types of commercial construction projects that take place in the United States. All of these projects differ from one another in their respective designs.

If you are considering starting your own construction project, you'll need to create a purposeful design. Once your design is complete, hiring a reputable construction company is the next step.

Do you want to speak to one of the best construction companies in the country? If so, then you've come to the right place. Contact us today to request a quote for your upcoming project.

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