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Our Pre-construction
Plan Review

Allow us to help plan your future construction project,

starting with pre-construction. 

How does it work?

Step 1: Requirements


First, we will dive deep into your business requirements.


This includes your project goals and needs, communications with stakeholders, meetings with all the parties, and development of the goals.


Step 2: Analysis


From there, we will use our years of experience to provide advice on the design, materials and preliminary cost estimates.


To do this, we will review all construction documents, design coordination, material availability, and coordination of stakeholders.


Step 3: Management 


Throughout the process, we will find ways to reduce costs and build a more functional project.


As we manage your project, we will give recommendations regarding  value engineering, constructibility, construction materials, methods, systems, phasing, safety and environmental requirements and cost.


Your project will be managed all the way through, to ensure efficiency of the process of the renovation of your apartment, building, or business! 

Let's get your project started!

When it comes to all the stages of your construction project, Honey Construction Management has the answer! 


Contact us today to discuss your dream project.

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